The Complete Legal Practice Management Solution


An easy-to-use product that simplifies your process.


A seamless way to share files and information-both internally and externally.


A completely secure way to review, collaborate, store and archive information.


Get the most complete legal practice management software solution for your modern day law firm. Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

Case Management

With Legist Case Management, you can organize case parties, documents, evidence, costs, timesheets and to-do lists--all fully integrated with your email.

Document Management

Legist Document Management provides users with the ability to save, store, share and manage their document library.

Email System

The Legist Email system provides law firms with an integrated and secure messaging solution for tight integration with Legist Case Management. Firms can easily manage domain and mailbox access for employees.

Legist Drive

Securely backup your computers, folders and servers with the Legist Drive cloud.

Advanced Security

Most software firms only address security from a narrow standpoint, but their solutions cannot withstand the real threats. Legist understand that most security breaches are through stolen identities or software support failures, so we developed a unique security system featuring multi-factor authentication and complete encryption to combat any potential problems.

IT Support

Legist IT Support helps law firms by supporting all their IT needs remotely. Whether it’s a simple how-to question, an infected file, a WiFi issue or anything else, our team will work around-the-clock to help.